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Watching the right pick the agenda…


Come July, I think we’ll have a better sense of this fall’s mid-term elections and the prospects of the Democrats to take back one of both houses.  I find it a little early for Democrats to claim victory as the Republicans continue to self-destruct, however, one can already see the evidence of the right attempting to push the agenda to messages that their perceive as winners.

One example of this is certainly this week’s debate about the gay marriage amendment, something that few think has any chance at passing.  However, it’s  something that puts the issue in the bright lights of the media and certainly allows the right to present their "hate with us or against us" stance on the issue.

Another issue that seems certain to be pushed by the right is immigration.  An article in today’s Washington Times claims that is will be *the* issue this election, and congressional candidates from across the nation will be using it as a wedge issue this fall.

Ignoring what other potential topics might dominate this fall’s Montana Senate race, one wonders of immigration is really that strong of an issue here.  I know that Connie will certainly push his typical hate rhetoric towards immigrants but I what will the substance of the debate be?

According to the Times article, Burns is already using the issue to his benefit:

In Montana, Republican Sen. Conrad Burns is using the immigration issue to beat back two challengers and this week began airing commercials about his opposition to the Senate bill on television and radio. His opponents, the announcer intones, "didn’t say how they would have voted."

What is he talking about?  He primary candidates or potential general election candidates?

Morrison’s page is silent on the issue (shocking!) and Tester fonts the reasonable “Our first priority should be to secure our borders and our ports. It’s what the 9/11 commission recommended, and plain common sense. We cannot deal with immigration as a nation without taking this first step. People who want to immigrate to the United States should follow the rules toward citizenship–no cuts in line. Becoming a citizen must continue to be a respectful, deliberate, and meaningful process.”

Will this be a big issue this fall?  Does the immigration issue really play as a wedge issue here?

And…more importantly…what can we do to push the agenda in our direction?

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