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Don’t like the results? Call names…

One of the many interesting accusations that seems to pass the lips of conservatives today is the mantra about the left-wing media.  I don’t know many (if any) liberals that think the media speaks to their causes or point of view and yet it is extraordinarily difficult to have a discussion with most conservatives without hearing the constant complaining about the media bias.

A favorite exercise of mine is to ask how and where the bias exists, and the answers range from dodging the question to the type of "bias" that exists for those folks without a dictionary.

Since the Independent Record has started publishing comments, there has been a number of interesting discussions for mostly anonymous readers accusing those folks of biased.  I have been reading the I.R. for some time now, and I can’t imagine that they are, as has been suggested, hiding a secret love for Trotsy-style communism or their hidden lust for single-payer health care.

The recent release of the latest poll numbers concerning next week’s primary seems to have provoked an angry response from some readers, apparently accusing the polls of bias.  Montana, of course, has a well-noted history of challenging pollsters and although both sizes try, the most accurate poll is still the election itself.

Be that as it may, some in the IR readership are convinced that the recent neck-and-neck poll numbers for the Tester/Morrison race and the uh-oh numbers for Burns are evidence of the left wing media conspiracy.  A gem from an anonymous poster:

THE liberal media should stick to what they "attempt" to do right, report the news and leave conducting polls to professional organizations like ZOGBY and PEW. THE liberal media has a clear and concise agenda, to put democrat/liberal politicians in a good light and republican/conservative politicians in a bad light. UNTIL the media gets back to its roots of ONLY reporting the news without applying a political slant, they will have absolutely NO credibility. THINK the media doesn’t have a left-leaning agenda? ALL you have to do is think back to the summer/fall of 2004 with CBS’s Dan Rather and MEMOgate. THINK the media doesn’t attempt to sway the public to their anti-war agenda? DO some research and see how many news stories they present to the public which tell of all of the good things the troops have been, and are still, doing in Iraq, then compare that coverage to their nearly daily "blood and gore" reporting.

Where do you start arguing against someone that has no grasp on reality?  I guess this implies that the state media apparently called around to their friends and called it a poll.  Well, NO WONDER Burns is losing…you must have called the East coast liberals and asked them who they voted for!  This ignores that a professional polling organization did take the poll and right-leaning professional polling organizations also put Burns in as much hot water.

I know we tend to, as humans, construct a reality that doesn’t challenge our beliefs, but still…where is the damn bias?

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