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KlindtWatch: Get Some New Material, Jason!

As much as I thought of the Dennison piece about Burns’ campaign fundraising, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that it included another worthless quotation by Jason Klindt.

This time?

“This may be the race that decides (party) control of the U.S. Senate,” he said. “Democrats intend to truck in a lot of money from East Coast liberals and Hollywood elites.”

That probably sounds familiar, because Burns spokeswoman Sarah Pompei had this to say on April 20th:

‘‘We’re going to continue to raise money to combat the money coming into Montana from East Coast liberals and Hollywood elites."

And back in March, Jason K offered this keen insight:

“Montana Democrats, funded entirely by East Coast Democrats and the Barbara Streisands of the world, are trying to smear a good man,’’ said Jason Klindt…

And back in February

“They have broken the law by not reporting who is paying for the barrage of negative attacks they have subjected Montanans to,” Klindt said. “Did they rob a bank, did they find it under a tree or are East Coast liberals trying to buy a Senate seat? It is time for the Democrats to tell the truth.”

I know that reporters have to, and should, talk to representatives of campaigns when stories are written about them. What they don’t have to do is print irrelevant, unsubstantiated, nonsensical, repeated lies. The Jason Klindts of the world aren’t going to stop repeating their talking points until the media stops printing their responses.

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  • Broken record…broken record…broken record.

    When the facts aren’t there, just keep repeating yourself. Wait! Are you Jason Klindt?

  • Nope – I don’t have enough time to wash my car, let alone work for the Burns campaign.

    I haven’t met Jason yet, but I’ll make it a point to go to the Burns victory party in November, and shake his hand.

  • The “East Coast liberals” is a constant refrain because Burns’ negative messaging strategy is to box both Morrison and Tester in as liberals. It’s tough to do that with money, so you just talk about coastal liberals.

    Now, Eric claims that we can’t refute the truth. The real truth is that something like 80% of Burns’ money comes from out-of-state, compared to roughly 40% for Jon Tester.

    Conrad Burns is the quantum politician. He’s in nearly every back pocket of every lobbyist in the country…simultaneously. Maybe he can line up a grant for MSU to study that phenomenon.

  • How about talking about this boys?

    Wonderful, Governor BS makes a publicity grabbing, show my face in the national media, I want to be Vice President or Director of Interior for President Hillary, trip to Iraq.

    Meanwhile back in Montana…

    (All of these issues have been reported in the Gazette or Great Falls Tribune) A company does not come to Great Falls Montana with 100 thirty thousand per year and up jobs because Governor BS’s office is too lazy to return phone calls or letters. The coal gassification company from South Africa BS has been touting just announced thier plans to build the multi-million dollar facility in Wyoming. The State released a press statement last Thursday announcing that unemployment is on the rise for the first time in five years. And yet all Governor BS cares about is putting his mug in front of the national media.

    How about writing an article about how the Governor is still thumbing his nose at Montana law by keeping his brother on staff in his office? How about writing an article about how this same brother strong arms and intimidates private entities to make sure they do things his way, and does on the Governor’s letterhead.

    We the people of Montana definitely got what we deserved when we voted in this back door dealing snake oil salesman and his strong arming brother.

  • Two things come to mind.

    First, why would we do that? This is not supposed to be a newspaper; we are partisan. I think Schweitzer is, thus far, a pretty good governor. However, that being said, unlike many of my conservative brethren in the blog world, I will criticize Democrats and liberals, and if you look through this site, you’ll see that. Why I’m not tackling your issues? They are superficial and largely imaginary.

    As for the Iraq trip, I am inclined to agree. I assume that you feel the same way about the ‘surprise’ trips made by members of the Bush Admin?

  • Largely imaginary? I lost my job because I disagreed with the man. I voiced an opinion contrary to his belief and literally, by the end of the afternoon, Governor BS called my employer and told them he would run them out of Montana if they did not fire me and hire one of three of his recomended replacements. How is that governing?

  • Fair enough, BS.

    Send me an e-mail with the specifics of your story, and I willl certainly investigate it. I’d be happy to publicize what you are describing if it is true.

    Somehow, I don’t expect that I’ll get the details, but I am more than willing to keep an open mind.

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