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Donald Rumsfeld: Assaulted!

Given that Donald Rumsfeld is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of young American men and women, not to mention countless Iraqis, shouldn’t he be a little tougher?

Little Green Footballs, on Rumsfeld being asked a question:

The Associated Press reports that Donald Rumsfeld was verbally assaulted by several moonbats yesterday…

Assaulted? Assaulted? I guess it’s no wonder that the tough guys of LGF are defending us from terrorism behind their keyboards.

William Arkin, at the Washington Post, is more impressed by Rumsfeld today and decides to attack Mcgovern:

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship or taken Psych 101 knows that accusing someone of lying is unlikely to unleash truth-telling. And more important, it exposes the hand, and the conclusion, of the questioner…The protestors screeching impeachment and “lying” yesterday, as well as McGovern, can’t accept that there is a difference between being wrong and deceiving. They are so stuck in a mode of accusation and certainty they don’t really think there is any point in political dialogue with the administration. Bush is Hitler, and with that he, nor Rumsfeld, deserves human courtesy.

So, asking direct questions of our political leaders offers a psychological insight into the questioner and is, for lack of a better term, mean.
Paula Zahn continues the attack, going after Mcgovern rather than Rumsfeld.

These passages highlight so precisely the nature of the media’s failure in this war. It’s like the ‘feel good’ media is so afraid of confronting Admin officials with their obvious falsehoods that Bush and Co. know they can say anything, over an over again. So war critics like Cindy Sheehan and Ray Mcgovern are easy targets, subject to intense scrutiny and attacks, despite their relative insignificance, but the leaders who prosecuted this war based on lies and continue to repeat those same lies, are somehow above reproach?

When the government can count on the media to do the dirty work of discrediting its critics for it, how can we expect the public to ever know anything even resembling the truth?

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