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What Should Conrad Do?

The Hill is reporting on the dilemma facing vunerable Republican senators facing election this fall:

Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), another Appropriations Committee member with a record of securing of home-state dollars to tout in November, said across-the-board changes are “pretty hard to do.”

He said he would wait to see what comes back from a conference on lobbying reform, which could begin before the Memorial Day recess but is unlikely to finish before June. Vulnerable GOP incumbents, including Burns, could be forced to choose between accepting an unpalatable earmark-reform provision and giving Democratic opponents ammunition by voting against their party’s post-Abramoff ethics bill.

Now, given the offical MT GOP blog and Conrad’s advertisement about the importance of going into the issues, does it seem reasonable to expect something more than a feeble excuse about how hard reform is from the Senator? I don’t think so. Where’s the bold stand on this issue, Senator?
The Republicans control both houses and the Presidency. If ethics reform can’t happen, it’s because they would rather continue feeding at the trough than making real change. There’s no excuse for a failure to reform, and every time a special interest dollar is used to promote the Burns bucks back in Montana, voters needs to be reminded that those funds come with a price.

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