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Sound Bite Legislative Reforms

Burns is sounding more and more like a Senator looking for reelection. If the rhetoric of immigration isn’t enough, as Senators and Representatives line up to offer their silver bullet solutions to the problem of illegal immigrations, Burns has come up with a plan of their own. Apparently worried that other small-population states will loose House representations, Connie is proposing that we disallow illegal immigrants while counting the upcoming United States Census.

I am sure this plays well to his “base,” but nobody seems to be able to answer the question how this could possible work. It is hard to imagine a scenario where an illegal immigrant tells a census taker or checks a box on a form that declared their illegal status. Even the policy expert in the article, a fellow from the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization known for their stances to decrease immigration to the United States says the plan is full of implementation holes.

So why propose this? It’s sound bite legislation. This is an easy bill to write, easy to support, and plays into past annoyances to the loss of our House seat. My guess is that whether or not this passes, this will appear on the Burns website on how he wants to act tough on illegal immigrants. If this does pass, I can see little change of any positive effect on Montana.

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  • Does Burns really think we are that stupid? He can’t, can he?

    This bill would be impossible to implement. Most illegal aliens in the US are living like legal immigrants and they certainly wouldn’t indicate thier illegal status on a census.

    Secondly, census results are not only to address legislative house seats. In fact, they are much more important in other areas – like how much money a community gets for services like education etc. I would hate to start monkeying with that stuff just so Burns can try to put another feather in his cap – specifically a feather that means nothing.


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