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Montana Politics

The New York Times: Burns Likely to Win


I know John Broder works for the New York Times and I am just a high school teacher, but shouldn’t a claim like this require some support?

Senator Conrad Burns, Republican of Montana, is the largest recipient of donations from Mr. Abramoff but appears likely to retain his seat.

It’s certainly no safe bet that the Democrats are going to pick up this seat, but how Broder could conclude at this point that Burns is ‘likely’ to win flies in the face of all the evidence that this will be a tight race.

Spin, spin, spin.

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  • I agree with Matt – as much as almost half of the folks in this state hate Connie and what he does, we must also remember that he is an extremely tough campaigner, very good on TV, and the majority of the folks in Montana are used to voting for him.

    To be surprised about folks’ objectivity in calling the winner is to be forgetful of the good candidates who lost in the past.

    Complacency will lose this election for all Democrats.

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