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Don’t Expect Burns To Do Anything About Oil Prices

If any of you have been expecting Conrad Burns to lead the charge towards investigating oil company profits and gas prices, you might want to reconsider. In news that should come as absolutely no surprise, it turns out that Conrad gets more oil money than just about anyone in Congress.

I’m sure that money doesn’t buy any influence at all.

Mark Shields reported this news tonight:

The Democrats have more credibility on being critical of oil companies. It just came out, Congress Daily published the top 10 recipients of oil company — from the top 10 oil companies — from Chevron, which reported $4 billion today, and Exxon, which reported $8 billion in quarterly profits yesterday.

And there were four Republican senators, Conrad Burns of Montana, George Allen of Virginia, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, but the others were all Republican chairmen: Denny Hastert of Illinois, big oil state, Tom DeLay of Texas, you know, Bill Thomas, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

Then, the zinger:

So when the Republicans start railing, and George Bush, you see him as a born-again populist now, talking about, “We got to do about price gouging,” it’s a little bit like Henry VIII talking about monogamy, you know, or liberal Democrats saying, “We’ve got to give the electric chair to pornographers.”


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