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Rehberg’s Unthinking Position on the War

The official blog of the Montana Republican Party is back at its old tricks today, criticizing Monica Lindeen for her position on Iraq, and comparing it unfavorably with Denny Rehberg’s position. Lindeen’s response wasn’t exactly sophisticated:

She said there is no easy answer for the situation in Iraq.
“Staying or leaving tomorrow are the options and they both suck,” she said. She said she fears the situation is disintegrating.

What the GOP blog fails to mention is that the remarks were not a prepared statement by Lindeen, but an answer at an informal Q&A session. In fact, it’s clear that the quote was not her entire statement.

Mr. Rehberg’s thoughtful analysis? A 5 month old press release.

I’m not sure what’s worse: that the GOP needs to constantly rely on misrepresentation of reality or that I should be expected to support a Congressman who hasn’t changed his opinion on the situation in Iraq, despite worsening sectarian violence, the continuing death toll for American soliders and Iraqi civilians, and unstable dynamic of American-Iranian relations.

Denny Rehberg: sticking to the Republican talking points. Now that’s leadership.

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  • Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of focus on the Senatorial race and not much focus on the House Race between Rehberg and Lindeen. It is unfortunate because the House race is arguably as important (if not more important) than the Senate Race. Rehberg may not be a corrupted as Burns but from what I have seen of his voting record and his public statements of policy stances, I am no more impressed with him than I am with Burns. On the flip side, I haven’t seen a lot about Lindeen and her website leaves a LOT to be desired when it comes to stances on issues.

    I live in Dillon and that means that my chances of actually seeing/meeting the candidates is pretty slim unless I can arrange to be in one of the bigger cities for a shindig with the candidates. My decision is probably going to be based on what I see of the candidates in the news and what I can glean from thier record. It would be nice to see more on Lindeen so that I have more information to work with. Rehburg may be a typical GOP robot, but in the absence of a viable opponent….


  • You’re touching on a theme I have been thinking about as well. I drafted some ideas on the subject yesterday, but had to come back to grading essays. 🙂 I might actually say something about it later.

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