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The GOP E-Brief and Participatory Democracy

Old news, but since most of it is fake, I figure there is no rush to read the E-brief. On April 20th, the brain trust there came up with this keen insight:

Senator Baucus had some constituents arrested earlier this week. Why? They were protesting the Senator’s refusal to respond to their questions on how he feels about global warming. Come on Max, answer the questions. Maybe Baucus should consult with Gov. Schweitzer, who recently appointed a panel to study global warming in Montana. Click here to read the Missoulian’s story on Baucus’s heavy-handed tactics.

Given the two major characteristics of the E-Brief, accuracy and consistency, two things come to mind. First, an actual link to their story might have been helpful. Why no link? Because the real story was about three people who were protesting the Senator by refusing to leave his office. A slight difference. Second, I assume by their condemnation here, that the GOP will defend my right to go sit in Conrad Burns’ office until he answers some questions about Jack Abramoff.

The Montana GOP: When you don’t have anything to say, make inane things up!

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  • I liken the GOP “E-Brief” to the new Montana “Republican” blog. It seems to me that the same people must write for both because the “information” presented in both are about equivalent. As Wulfgar puts it, the GOP E-brief is “Comedy Gold”.


  • We should try that. Sit in at Burns’ office til he answers questions. As long as he’s near wi-fi, I could probably keep working.


    Actually, I’ve got another media stunt idea that is better, but no point in letting the cat out of the bag publicly on it now.

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