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Interesting Mention of Brian Schweitzer and Single Issue Democrats

The Economist has a great take on the difficulties facing the Democratic Party in the US (here and here.) The article mentions the critique offered by Armstrong and Moulitsas of single issue groups in Crashing the Gate:

single-issue groups not only hurt the Democratic Party in its search for a common identity, but they help provide the Republicans with a treasure trove of attack opportunities. While the Democratic Party should be the party of people, it has become, with a lot of help from Republican framing, a party of “immoral” abortionists, “extremist” tree-huggers, “corrupt” labour officials, “greedy” trial lawyers, “predatory” homosexuals and “anti-white” minority activists. After all, these are the loudest and most influential voices in our party…so it’s not a stretch for demagogic Republicans to paint Democrats as a loose collection of selfish people who are fanatical about their specific cause and have no larger concerns—for the economy, the military, or the country.

The article goes on to suggest that Brian Schweitzer cleverly avoided the negative associations with these groups:

Some Democratic politicians simply say no. Brian Schweitzer won the governorship of Montana in part because he binned all the questionnaires that single-issue groups sent him to complete. All but one—the form from the National Rifle Association. “You’ve got to fill that one out,” he told Mr Armstrong and Mr Moulitsas. “In order to get an ‘A-plus’, you’ve got to shoot somebody.”

An interesting argument.

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  • Thats the problem with Montana politics, you have to be pro-gun, pro-NRA. If you aren’t (or worse silent on the issue) you don’t stand a chance of getting elected.

    It really bugs me.

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