KlindtWatch: Watch out for rising taxes!

Perhaps I am on only one that things this is wildly hypocritical, but the good people at the Burns campaign love to regurgitate classic themes without checking consistency with their message elsewhere. The media has once again let the Burns campaign have a free response to a Democratic ad, this time concerning Morrison’s proposed health system. I haven’t had time to consider Morrison’s health plan, though I generally believe that anything short of a national health system will only be a band aid to a very, very broken system. Morrison’s plan gives tax credits funded by an(other) increase in the tobacco tax. Jason Klindt shot back with this:

“John Morrison’s solution for health care is to raise your taxes and subsidize health care for businesses that the government chooses,” Burns spokesman Jason Klindt said. Morrison’s plan is based entirely on “an unstable source of revenue (tobacco taxes) that cannot be expanded without raising taxes again,” he said.

I continually wonder why nobody asks Mr. Burns why HIS big money proposals are just bring home the bacon while others are the much feared “tax and spend” proposals. Burns repeat that theme in the first Republican candidate debate last night in Billings:

Burns, who is seeking a shot at a fourth six-year term, said Americans ‘‘like their programs’’ and are driving the demand for spending.

Again, where is the accountability for that? Apparently, spending cash-money is okay if you are a Republican, but not if you are a Democrat.

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