Memo to Burns Campaign Reprise: Pick One

Perhaps Burns needs to have a meeting with his staff. While all those crazy Hollywood liberals are busy donating to the Democracts in Montana, Burns is now offering the wealthy a special opportunity. If Conrad’s birthday wasn’t enough reason to give, his campaign is now offering exclusive Napa Valley wine tours

WASHINGTON Donors to Senator Conrad Burns will toast the Republican on a Napa Valley wine tour this summer.
The July 15th fund-raiser is charging political action committees three-thousand dollars and individuals two thousand dollars to attend. The event is scheduled a month after the Republican primary.
The invitation was posted today by the Washington-based blog Hotline On Call. It refers to the “2nd Annual Senator Conrad Burns Napa Valley Wine Tour.” And it says a limited number of spots are available.

Before you can jump up and call Burns a hypocrite, his campaign has an answer for you. These type of campaign events are to battle the “East Coast liberals and Hollywood elites” that are already donating to his opponents.

MEMO TO BURNS CAMPAIGN: Pick one! Either you are fighting the influence of those darn out-of-staters with money (you know, the “East Coast liberals”) or you will do anything for a buck. Why the hell won’t someone call him on this?

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • The problem here is that stories like this only appear on blogs – never on the news. While I would love to educate every Montanan on the hypocrasy of the Conman (as well as his corrupt “Pay to Play” policies and his lack of support for Montana issues), it is practically impossible without the help of the media or some kind of large money ad campaign. I will continue to do my part at Practical_Revolt, (as you are doing your part here…) but will it be enough?


  • I hope he raises some knee-walking sums of money.

    Seriously, is it too much to ask the Montana media to stop running what effectively are press releases for the Burns campaign?

    How about some critical analysis of the ‘East Coast liberals’ slur, given the vast sums Conrad raises from out of the state.

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