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Memo to the Burns campaign: pick one

Each election cycle, there is always a return to the Republican mantra about how we are over taxed. I expect it to continue this year as the right tries to energize their base. Much like the immigration debate, the tax issue is easy to understand, full of great soundbites, and you don’t need a degree in political science to make up factioids that sound logical.

The Sunday South Coast Today has an article that says that the Republicans are dragging out the ol” “liberal Democrats will raise your taxes” line and that Bush himself, while stumping for Connie, says that the Democrats will increase your taxes.

Here is where Burns has a problem. I think Burns needs to be asked this question (attention media):

Which is it? Are you:

1.) The guy that brings millions of dollars to Montana with every stroke of your powerful, well-connected budget chairman pen…


2.) The Republican watch dog that’s keeping our taxes low, low low!

I realize I only teach the history and government, but where does Conrad think the government budgets come from? (Hint to Jason Klindt: it’s from tax revenue.)

The reality is, Conrad might say he is both. However, it is this thinking that is driving our historical budget deficits.

You have to pick, Senator Burns. You can’t be both.

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