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More Left Wing Media Bias


In this video, is it just me, or does Chris Matthews sound like the socially awkward kid who is way to grateful that his prom date said yes?

Watch (and listen) here.

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  • You’re forgetting the hint of sexism towards Hillary at the end of the clip. Every American should see things like these so that they hate politicians more and try to do something about their representation. (like…vote)

  • On the subject of said sexism, Pat, Media Matters shows O’Reilly as having said that the terrorists would “welcome a Hillary Clinton administration…and…test her.” So yeah, it’s getting kind of sad.

    Anyway, I’m rather looking forward to having my vote not count no thanks to the electoral college, which is the antithesis of democracy in my opinion. For that reason, I will continue to pull the Democrat lever and have nothing positive happen. Cheers: to American politics.

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