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Montana Politics

A look at the charming, extreme right…

There has been an interesting controversy brewing in Butte, an city where Republicans have hard time getting elected to office. 24-year-old Shawn Stuart is running in House District 76 as a Republican. Apparently, members of the Montana media were alerted by the Montana Human Rights Network that Mr. Stuart is a contact person for the “National Socialist Movement,” which bills itself as the American Nazi Party. Republican Party officials had no comment on the situation to a Lee Newspaper report after Stuart admitted to the reporter that he was a contact person for the group.

Amusingly, Stuart originally denied to the Montana Standard that he had any connection to the group but later contacted the newspaper to correct that falsehood, saying he had to check with his superiors first.

In the last few days, the National Socialist Movement has begun to harass the Montana Human Rights Network, apparently due to their connection with outing Stuart. Of course, their tactics strikes me as creepy.

Overthrow, an pro-Nazi organization, has posted some interesting tidbits about the Montana Human Rights Network:

First, they have posted an audio clip of an “interview,” done by wacko Bill White, noting:

I called several members of the Montana Human Rights Network at home this morning and spoke to gay Jew Christine Kauffmann and her lesbian “partner” Pat, until they realized who I was and hung up on me.

Listen for it on the next Bill White episode of NSM Presents, only on the Hal Turner Network:

You can also hear it here:

If you download the mp3, you get to hear this fellow call Kaufman, the co-Director of the Human Rights Network, hang up on the idiot after she finds out who it is. His keen analysis, the “Gay Jew,” (Kaufman is, indeed, Gay, but not a Jew) ran in terror at the sound of his voice. Ugh.

And then there is this insightful analysis:

A Letter To The Olympian
Ms Huber:

Just as the Olympian failed to report that the previous anti-racist spokesman, Drew Hendricks, is a terrorist under investigation by the FBI for a series of bombings and arsons in the Seattle area, you failed to report that Larry Mosqueda, their new spokesman, is a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party and an avowed Bolshevik who wants to bring Cuban-style communism to the United States.

While I understand all you’re trying to do is write anti-Nazi fluff, you discredit yourself among your own readers when you report on well-known communists as if they were some sort of mainstream activists.

Bill White
National Socialist Movement

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A Letter To The Helena Independent-Record
Ms Stauffer:

Some points on your article regarding Cpl Stuart:

1) If you need a national contact for the NSM, feel free to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I can probably give you something better than extensive quotes from our website.

2) I don’t believe Cpl Stuart is withdrawing from the Republican primary. I found that statement in your article very surprising.

3) The Montana Human Rights Network is part of a national network of criminal and outright terrorist “anti-racist” groups that have conducted dozens of acts, ranging from arson to assault to riot, across the country in the past year alone. Its pretense of concern about “freedom of speech” is just a cloak for an agenda of violent hate.

In the Pacific Northwest, for instance, there is a network of individuals under investigation for terrorism that surround a group called Political Research Associates — a group the Montana Human Rights Network is affiliated with. Political Research Associates has several communists, from groups as varied as the Communist Party, USA and the Socialist Worker’s Party, on its board.

This network has sponsored two sets of terrorist groups in the Washington and Portland area in the past fifteen years. The first was known as the “Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity”, and was responsible for a series of arsons and physical assaults on teenagers believed to be “Nazi skinheads” — acts of violence which left two young girls hospitalized, a sixteen year old with permanent brain damage from a hammer attack, and a twenty one year old man shot to death.

More recently, the group has sponsored the “Olympia Movement for Justice”. This group is led by Drew Hendricks, who is currently under investigation as a terrorist for his role in half a dozen or more “eco-terror” bombings and arsons in the Seattle area.

Through these groups, they link to more radical violent extremists, such as CrimethInc and Direct Action, who have been responsible for organized attacks on police during peaceful National Socialist Movement demonstrations in cities ranging from Toledo, Ohio to Orlando, Florida.

In short, the Montana Human Rights Network is just facet of a network of terror that ranges from legal oppression to street crime to terrorist bombings and arsons against people whose political views differ from theirs.

One of the reasons for the growth of the National Socialist Movement has been response to the extremist agenda of anti-white terrorism that these groups represent.

4) Not least of all, the Montana Human Rights Network has been directly responsible for prompting illegal actions taken by a rogue Montana law enforcement against Cpl Stuart — noe the subject of a pending civil rights suit. At the insistence of the group, the Montana Department of Investigation sent an agent down to demand Cpl Stuart’s PO Box filing information, telling the person who maintains the box that the intended to put Stuart on an “index” of “political dissidents” to be monitored by the state.

This kind of pseudo-legal intimidation, really a mis-use of law enforcement, is just one facet of the combination of state repression and private violence fostered by groups like Travis McAdam’s.

Montana, and the United States, does not need these self-appointed political-correctness police. Any sensible community would run these neo-Bolsheviks out of town on the next rail.

Bill White
National Socialist Movement

This is good stuff. Apparently, by giving the media the goods on Stuart, the Montana Human Rights Network is now a terrorist group that fosters violence.

Best yet, else where on their blog, they post the home addresses and phone numbers of the directors of the MHRN and their research director.

These are groups that we need to keep a close on in Montana.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • Well, I don’t think I had posted on your site, but I have now.

    The Montana Human Rights Network came out of a network of terrorism that was set up in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s by the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity. This group conducted a number of violent attacks, including one that left two teenage girls with fractured skulls, a sixteen year old boy with permanent brain damage, and a twnety one year old man shot to death. It went on to spawn affiliate groups such as the MHRN.

    Further, the group is part of a network of anti-racist groups like “Direct Action”. Direct Action and its fronts currently have about two dozen of their members in prison indicted for acts of terrorism — probably acts you’re symapthetic to — and has seen more than 200 of its members supporters arrested for acts of criminal unrest, including rioting, felony assault, and the like.

    The anti-racist movement is criminal, and groups like the Montana Human Rights Network are just covers for their criminal activity.

  • Bill,

    Thanks for posting. Let’s ignore your claims about the Northwest Coalition, which it is my understanding that the MHRN was once affiliated with (it doens’t exist anymore and it is my understanding that your claims are straight made up…care to share some sources of your information? you don’t exactly give off a credibility vibe…)

    What specific actions has the MHRN taken to promote “terrorism?” Can you site specific examples?


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