Jill Carroll and America’s Fringe Right

America’s rightwing, compassion in action. Given the news of Jill Carroll’s release today, the monstrous right wasted no time today in beginning the attacks. There are a number of sites involved in the smear, including the usual suspects at Michelle Malkin, but Debbie Schlussel (and her readership) wins today’s award for most evil Republicans.

From Schlussel:

Oh, and by the way, you know those female Iraqi terrorists we released for Princess Jill? Why have we never done anything like that for the lives of sundry American contractors and soldiers risking their lives over there? But yet we do it for this spoiled brat America-hater from Ann Arbor. Why?

From her cretinous readers:

That woman has strange S&M fantasies. She’s probably the type that thinks the harder a man hits her, the more he loves her.

Another telltale sign that obviously indicates which side she’s rooting for is her choice of garb. After her release, this “Christian” chooses to wear the head and body coverings that typical female Moslems are forced to wear. She wears the mark (clothing) of an indentured Muslim women by CHOICE.

When I heard she was let loose, I shook my head and rolled my eyes in bored disgust.

I’m glad she survived, but she is now going to be elected U.S. Foreign Policy Spokeswoman by the left. I bet Cindy Sheehan is jealous already.

It’s easy to dismiss the insane rantings of these people and their freeper ilk, but when partisanship is so important that people can actually wish ill of another human being held hostage in a foreign country, it’s hard to see how we can ever work together again.

And the part that pisses me off?  These people have the gall to argue that there is something wrong with us–that we are unpatriotic, immoral, treacherous. Why does the media, always eager to show the extreme elements of the left in unflattering ways continue to give these fascists a free pass? Their discourse and their ideology are real threats to our democratic institutions and values, and our silence emboldens them.

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  • The answer, Pogie, is that fascism is all the fashion now. In fact, fascist have hijacked the Republican party, finding it a fruitful medium to grow like cancer cells. Anyway, I think it’s the fact that hate keeps them from having to engage their minds in thought. You notice that these people would sooner die than face cognitive dissonance.

  • Rest assured, we regard you with equal disdain and quite frankly are getting tired of protecting your butts in times of war.

  • Thank you, sir, for defending me in Alabama. I have been nervous about an attack coming from there.

    Of course, I do how wonder how anyone is defending me from a war that we started in Iraq.

  • How in God’s name is the military protecting us or our freedoms? Did the terrorists or even Saddam Hussein explicitly say that their goal was “to invade the United States, to strip it of its sovereignty and to abolish the Constitution”? I didn’t think so.

  • Rest assured Miller, plenty of Democrats served in Vietnam, even quite a few from weathy families. If someone took the time to do the research, you’d likely find that the percentage of democrats was higher. Rich republicans don’t let their little boys go off to war. Dick Cheney’s a good example. Back in the 60s a seat on the county draft board was a real lucrative deal. One didn’t need regular employment as you could count on the republicans slipping you lots of “under the table” cash so their little babies wouldn’t get sent to die along side of those wimpy Democrats. I’m sure glad I have you protecting my sorry ass these days Miller. Incidently, I have an honorable discharge from the US Army. My “friends and neighbors ” on the draft board saw to it that I got that “honor” What branch of the military were you in ?

  • People like Miller will never actually respond to threads like this. He, for one, is too busy defending my freedom by listening to Rush Limbuagh and watching Fox News. That lapel flag is DEFINITELY making me safer, too.

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