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Isn’t March a Little Early For an Incumbent To Go Negative?

I can’t find the text yet, but I had the priviledge of hearing the latest advertising nonsense from Senator Burns today. The ad starts by ominously asking the listener to imagine a Senate filled with Hilary Clintons and Ted Kennedys, a Senate filled with people who don’t want to defend America, A Senate filled with the Hollywood elite, etc. For a moment, I actually assumed that someone was making a grand entrance into the Klindtest.
Then, in a dose of Conrad’s specialty, pathetic irony, the ad attacks Democrats for not focusing on the issues. This is one desperate candidate. The Democrats had better prepare themselves for the dirtiest campaign Montana has seen in a long time. When you have no issues, no record, no ethics, and no sense, you’ll do and say anything to keep your place in the Senate, won’t you, Conrad?

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  • That’s just typical of you Democrats. You smear a good man by defending your idols. Hillary, Teddy? You might as well promote Bonny and Clyde. Montana doesn’t need it’s bank robbed by your kind of candidates. Montana needs to stand tough against dirty candidates and dirty politics. Montana needs Conrad Burns!

    🙂 Feel free to consider that an entry in Klindtest 01.

  • Early? Under the Rove playbook, Conrad strikes me as a few months late.

    Mark my words, this election is going to hinge not on Conrad, but on the challengers. It’s the Gray Davis/George Bush playbook. Unpopular incumbents define their opponents early and destroy them. People go for unpopular and known over unpopular and unknown.

    That’s why I’m counseling the Democrats to define themselves early. It’s really their only hope.

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