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The IR on Mercer: Worst Argument Yet


The IR offers this gem today about John Mercer:

Mercer brought something to the regents’ boardroom that no other regent possessed. He had the ultimate insider’s understanding of why so many legislators were unwilling to give credence to university officials’ pleas for ore money.

Mercer’s time on the Board of Regents shows the wisdom of one of President Lyndon Johnson’s famously earthy quotes. Sometimes it really is better to have the camel inside the tent.

So, based on the IR’s understanding, Human Rights organizations ought to include Anti-Semites in their organization, on the odd chance that they might learn how completely wrong they were.

All Mercer’s actions on the Board and his letter to the governor indicate is that he used to be an ill-informed critic of education. Now, he has become a hypocritical critic of the governor.

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