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The Missoulian Offers Up Another Bizarre Attack on Schweitzer

Hard-pressed to follow up their insightful criticism of the governor for doing too much, the editorial board of The Missoulian came up with something even less cogent today. As they see it, Governor Schweitzer has an outstanding approval rating, respect from statewide and national progressives, and an effective agenda because of Judy Martz and Bob Brown.

The keen political insight offered by the Missoulian is that Schweitzer benefited from a ‘crippled’ Bob Brown, battered in a ‘brutal and bruising battle with Pat Davison’.  That’s an interesting revision of history:

Although polls had shown the two men in a dead heat a few days prior to the election, Brown pulled ahead to an early lead and was never seriously threatened. He won with 36% of the vote to Davison’s 25%

Sure, Martz and Brown might not have been the most effective governor and candidate, but as I recall, they were the best the GOP had to offer. To suggest that Schweitzer got a lucky break is just childish–and awfully late. Seems like the sour grapes might have faded in the past year and a half, especially given the significant achievements that the Governor has made.

It’d be perfectly legitimate for the Missoulian editorial board to attack Schweitzer on a proposal or an issue. This editorial? Pathetic.

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  • Did I tell you that my local editor is so stupid or willfully blind that he still thinks that we found WMD’s in Iraq?

    These guys think they are doing themselves a favor by sucking up to the GOP. I can olny hope that they realize what kind of life their misguided loyalty will doom their heirs to sooner rather than later.

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