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Big Burns Rumor (and Mercer resigns)

Big rumor about Conrad Burns retiring over at Kos, via Ed in Montana.

Nothing really new in the rumor. It has Rehberg running for Burns’ seat, and John “Suddenly Now I Love Education” Mercer running in the House race.

Despite my approval of Tester’s call for Burns to resign, I’m not sure this is the best scenario. Burns is wounded pretty badly, and I think either Morrison or Tester can take him. Rehberg’s gotten a free pass for the most part, and would come into the campaign pretty unscathed.

It would give us a chance in the House race, though. We certainly don’t have much of one now.

Big Update: Maybe unrelated, but the Helena IR reports today that John Mercer has resigned from the Board of Regents. A nice, self-serving way to keep his name in the paper and open the door for the House run. You’ve got to love ol’ Johnny–he’s taking shots at the Governor for not supporting higher education enough. You’d think John would be a big fan of that. Well, if the rumors are true, at least the Montana GOP isn’t straying far from its hypocrite base.

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