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KlindtWatch: Conrad Burns…liberal

You know, I am just an idiot progressive liberal but aren’t Conservatives the ones that believe in limited government and those tax-and-spend liberals the ones that pump up government programs?  Check out the new ad from the Burns campaign and the KlindtPropagandaMachine:

Three-point seven percent. That was Montana’s unemployment rate in December. It is the lowest ever-and 21% below the national average. Senator Conrad Burns has brought over $2 billion dollars in federal funds to Montana-to strengthen our economy and create good paying jobs. Conrad’s work is paying off with….nearly $80 million dollars for road construction secured in 2005-protecting and creating thousands of jobs. $15 million dollars for bio-diesel and bio-product development-vital for Eastern Montana’s economic future. Tens of millions for research and universities- to bring biomedical firms with good paying jobs. And Senator Burns is a pioneer in distance learning and telemedicine…bringing high-tech companies to Montana—with high-speed Internet-and hundreds of new, good jobs. With his experience and seniority—no one is doing more to create a future of opportunities than Senator Conrad Burns.

Yup.  That’s right.  Conrad can bring home the bacon.  Right after he is done doing what he can for Jack, Conrad has the power to bring money to Montana.  I don’t have any problem with these programs but isn’t all of this crazy domestic spending the problem according to the right?
I think you will hear this line a lot this Fall.  Retain Conrad Burns because he has seniority and power to bring home domestic spending.  We simply cannot allow this perceived power blind us from the fact that Burns has lost touch with Montana.  Whatever big money he can bring here is tainted with the corporate influence and lobby money that his office, his staff and the junior senator himself are addicted to.

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