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2006 Senate Race Coverage


The IR State Bureau saw fit to run a brief article today about Bob Kelleher’s proposed parliamentary system, giving him more coverage already than Paul Richards has received in the past six months.

I’m sure Mr. Kelleher is a nice person, but he has no credible ideas for governance, no chance of winning the primary, and no committment to anything other than running futile campaigns, it appears.

Given that the IR has decided to act as a gatekeeper in the Democratic primary, effectively shutting out a candidate with a much more developed platform that the frontrunner, perhaps someone can explain the attention they’ve decided to give Mr. Kelleher’s eccentric ideas?

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  • It’s the eyebrows. They have been hypnotized by the eyebrows.

    Is Paul Richards still in this, I haven’t heard anything for a very long time and quit going to his site when he didn’t update for months on end.

    By the way, my freind Ed from Leftist Grandpa will be paying you guys a visit because I told him you were Feingold men.

    I wish we could get a President Feingold.

  • I’m wondering the same thing about Richards. I mean, given the media’s refusal to cover his candidacy, it can’t be an easy road, but I would love to see him stay involved in Montana politics. This probably was never his race to win, but someone with ideas and a vision is someone Democrats should be encouraging to stick around.

    I just need some time to get that Feingold site running. Time, Time, Time.

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