Do you think Burns gets this stuff?

I am surprised that we don’t blog about technology issues more as the writers of this blog are a rather tech-savvy bunch.  I ran into Senator Burns in a surf of technology news.  Burns has his hand in a lot of telecommunications legislation due to his push to bring technology to rural Montana, which has made him a darling of the telecommunications industry.  In fact, Burns was actually listed as a “Father of the Internet” in a technology magazine some years back due to his aggresive funding of early internet technology.

There is an interesting article on MSNBC about spyware legislation making the rounds in Washington.  There has been a lot of criticism as of late that new versions of this legislation actually allows spyware companies to sue anti-spyware program makers to force them to allow spyware on your computer.  The version in the senate, authored by our good junior Senator, allows those lawsuits, but Burns is open to amending it.  I poked around a little tonight to see if there were a clear pattern of companies (spware or not) giving to the Burns campaign without much success.
What I wonder about as I read the technology press that quotes Burns is do you think Burns really gets this stuff?  Do you think you can sit down with him and have a meaningful conversation about spyware?  Can the same guy that pushes the folksy act with reporters have a meaningful conversation about the high tech issues?

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