The New York Times on Burns…

The New York Times features an article on Burns today.  It’s mostly old news for those that follow the race at all here in Montana.  However, there was one interesting note at the end of the article…

Even some with doubts about the Abramoff matter say Mr. Burns’s seniority might win their vote.

“I’m not happy about any of that,” said Ron Hendrickson of Great Falls, waiting for Mr. Burns to speak at a Chamber of Commerce dinner. “But Conrad is just too powerful.”

Ugh.  I’m sorry, but it is really disturbing to see that out of any voter.  I really worry about this as an argument to retain that crook this fall.  Sadly, this is not the first instance I have seen of that rhetoric.  The editorial staff of the Helena Independent Record (a paper that has been called the “newspaper of the status quo” by another writer on this blog) recently gave a sweet thumbs up to Senator Burns for using his “clout” the right way.

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  • That’s why whoever wins the senatorial primary needs to go to the school of Brian Schweitzer. He went up against the pork-meister and his seniority in 2002 (before the current scandals) and almost won. How? Well, I heard Brian emphasize that it was time for Conrad to go, since he was an embarrassment to Montanans and no longer working for them. Brian kept it simple and positive, with the prescription drug issue as emblematic of a host of Montana concerns which Conrad’s clout wasn’t addressing. The job should be so much easier this time. Let’s get to it.

  • Jesus. That liberal media was at it again. 🙂

    Mr. Burns is fighting back by touring the state to remind voters that he is just “an old cowboy” who never went to college, drives a pickup to the Capitol and takes out his own trash. On a visit here last weekend, nearly everyone he met addressed him by his first name. He regaled them with stories about local old-timers, their prodigious drinking habits and their smelly pick-up trucks, and he described a certain rich philanthropist’s money as “enough to burn a wet mule.”

    Hard-hitting journalism there.

  • First conversation I ever had with Conrad Burns, freshman year of college:

    Conrad sitting in a chair with a drink and his right boot sitting on his left knee. “See these boots? Made outta kangaroo. I oughta go down to Australia, kill me a kangaroo and make myself another pair ah ‘roo boots.”

  • Trust Clark to have the best Burns story.

    Mine involves seeing him dragged out of the bar at the Colonial Hotel in Helena by his wife…or the time my friend and I ran into him in the summer of ’88 when he was first running for the Senate. Ol’ Connie stopped us for a good five minutes before realizing my friend and I had Melcher shirts on…and then he slowly walked away.

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