Funny Article about E-Mail Addresses Students Use

As a high school teacher, I can definitely relate to this piece by Kieran Healy discussing the occasionally embarassing and often uncomfortable e-mail addressed used by students.

Instead they prefer their free hotmail or yahoo or gmail addresses. No problem as such there, except that sometimes the students pick the kind of addresses for themselves that aren’t exactly professional-quality. Frankly it feels a bit odd to correspond with, e.g., missbitchy23 or WildcatBongs about letters of reference or what have you.

It’s been better the past couple of years (different student population, perhaps), but I remember wondering on more than one occasion if these students ever sent e-mail to their parents, or even knew what those words meant. I also liked to imagine an earnest father, sitting down with his son, requesting that he add the AOL account bIgPImPIN6969 to the family account.

Anyone have any old awkward e-mail addresses they’ve used…or continue to?

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  • I used to see emails like that on class sign-in sheets. It’s always kind of blew my mind. I’ve had some bizarre personal email addresses in my time, but always kept one professional sounding one, even it was just my name @

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