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Challenge to the Missoulian

Today’s editorial in the Missoulian rolls out the old tired warhorse of excessive government spending, claiming that “Combined federal, state and local government spending averages more per household than most Missoula households earn.”

The editorial goes on to condemn federal, state, and county expenditures, but leaves out one crucial piece of information: any proposed solution. Conservatives run this argument out all the time: that government spending is out of control, but they rarely offer solutions.

With that in mind, I have a simple question for the editor(s) at the Missoulian. What would you cut? And not some tiny program like the NEA. I want real, meaningful cuts that will decrease government spending. Roads? Defense? Social Security? What should it be?
There is no doubt that there is waste in government. It’s time to make conservatives responsible for their rhetoric about spending, though. Without real numbers, it’s a waste of column space.

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  • I have suggestions, we could save almost nine billion dollars if we get rid of the failed drug war, and the National Endowment foe Democracy (our very own terrorist training camp).

    Then I think I’d start discretionary cabinet travel. We are set up to do everything electronically, there is no reason the President needs to spend all that money flying around to do speeches, photo ops, fundraisers and vacations.

    All that Public Relations propoganda-gone, same thing for using taxpayer financed employees as his own personal lawyer.

    I would give the private military corporations the boot and cut back on the extravagant weapons acquisitions.

    I would acknowlege the fact that this country has 37.5 million food insecure citizens and get rid of the fancy chefs and expensive foods. Any entertaining that must be done can be done humbly, a little humility would go a long way towards earning the good will of the American people and the rest of the world.

    Most of all, I would not merely stop funding all that excess, I would redirect it. Maybe 50% into job development that produced something other countries wanted to buy from us to close the trade gap and maybe 25% set aside for emergencies and the other 25% to go directly to the national debt (on top of the regular payments).

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