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“Shadowy third-party group” runs ad about Burns and seniors


Every time that Jason Klindt, Senator Burns’ hired-gun “campaign spokesman,” opens his mouth, he says something funny.

It appears that the Montana Legacy Fund is running a new Burns ad calling into question his record on senior issue. It’s fairly typical: it calls on Burns to answer why he cut Medicade and Medicare. You can see the ad on their website.

The Great Falls Tribune gives the Burns campaign the opportunity to respond. Klindt says to the Tribune that the ad is the work of “a shadowy third-party group engaging in scare tactics.” Now, certainly the Tribune might not have printed the real response (you know, the one where Klindt explains the Burns record on seniors) but I find it amusing that he jumps to attack the messenger and not the message.

Perhaps someone would like to remind Klindt how Republicans like to operate in Montana. The 2004 contest for Governor and the 2000 contest for Senator was full of right wing groups, most from out of state, that attacked the Democratic candidate (in both cases, Mr. Schweitzer). My guess is that we will soon hear all sorts of bad things about Tester and Morrison.

I like this Klindt guy…he’s always good for a laugh.

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  • Hey…those Brown ads in 2004 were definitely on the up and up. I mean, getting some disgruntled ex-worker and cousin of the Republican candidate to cast pathetic, personal attacks (all while being funded by an out of state group) is definitely an ethical way to campaign.

    I remember fondly the first time I saw one of those ads appear. I knew then that Bob Brown was headed away from the Capitol…and I wouldn’t be seeing his totally politics-free commercials anymore.

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