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Burns has put the Abramoff thing to rest!

There is an interesting story in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun concerning Burns and how his reelection campaign has been influenced by the Abramoff situation.  It’s a fairly typical summary of the events, including a note that Democrats have to win in Montana to win control of the Senate.  The best quotation, however, comes from Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson.  Unlike our previous Secretary of State, Bob Brown (a public official who stopped just short of sky-writing his name across Montana), we don’t see much of Mr. Johnson. He tells the national news media that Burns has “put that to rest,” attributing it to “The Marine has come out in him.”

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  • Conrad may have put the “Abramoff thing” to rest but it appears that many Montana voiters may not be so eager to forget the Senator’s willingness to exchange his votes for cash.

  • I’m glad that he was able to put that thing behind him, you know the one where he was on a committee (Indians, agriculture, Marianas Islands) and he could weigh in the way his funders wanted him to on gambling, wild horses, slave labor without compromising his ethics.

    It takes a big man not to whine or hold a grudge when others ask about the money and voting record and all that good stuff.

    Secretary Johnson is a pretty big man as well, he never rehashes his narrow victory or the problems that required our ES&S vote counter at Swan River School had to have that remote patch installed after the rest of the votes were counted.

    That stuff makes some men bitter and angry.

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