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Shocking News! The E-Brief Misrepresents Reality

What a shock! The Republican Party is distorting reality in the e-brief, again. Matt already pointed out that the brief accused the majority of Montana’s Republican legislative core of being weak on terrorism, but the e-brief offered a bit more.

It accuses Tester and Morrison of being unclear and silent on the issues, including Iraq. Citing  articles by Cathy Siegner FROM AUGUST AND OCTOBER, it claims that Tester and Morrison have been silent on the Iraq War. Sure, I still don’t know what Morrison thinks, but it is clear what Tester’s position is. Wow, this seems pretty comprehensive.

As we have pointed out before, Burns isn’t exactly staking out much of a position on critical issues. In addition to acknowledging that the Iraq War happened and that spam is inconvenient, Burns offers these keen insights:

On Small Business:

As a former Montana small business owner, I know the difficulties faced by small business owners in an economy like ours. Much of Montana’s economy is made up of small businesses, and all face similar difficulties. I have met with many of Montana’s business owners, and have worked hard as a member of the Senate Small Business Committee to make sure these concerns are addressed.


The United States has finished another round of the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) Commission. This is an important effort by the Department of Defense to adjust America’s defense posture toward new and emerging threats while reducing and eliminating excess and wasteful bases and facilities worldwide.

Talk about an issue based campaign.

Anyone else smell the desperation?

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