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Richards and Tester on CAFTA(Foreign Issues, Day 2)


Question 4. Do you support the Central American Free Trade Agreement? Why?

Richards:  No. I am a believer in “fair trade” that serves the interests of all workers, economies and the environment.  CAFTA, as proposed by President Bush, is utterly undemocratic, lacks transparency, and serves only to further the interests of multinational corporations.

Tester:  I do not support CAFTA because the agreement sells rural America short by handing off trade advantage to foreign interests.  CAFTA threatens the viability and profitability of family farm and ranch operations across Montana while lining the pockets of international corporations.

The agreement threatens public health and the environment by putting the demands of corporations over the best interests of everyday people.  In addition, CAFTA will harm our domestic cattle industry and Montana sugar beet growers.

In the U.S. Senate, I will fight for Montana family farms and ranches by standing firmly opposed to unfair trade agreements like CAFTA that hurt our communities and our way of life.

Once more, thanks again to both Jon Tester and Paul Richards for taking the time to answer these questions.

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