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David, over at the Billings Blog, notes that the Senator for the Saginaw Chippewas, has updated his campaign page. What bold stands has the junior Senator taken?

On Iraq:Shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) deposed Saddam Hussein’s regime in April 2003, the Bush Administration linked the end of U.S. military occupation to the completion of a new constitution and the holding of national elections, tasks expected to take two years.

This is what our Senator has to offer as an opinion on the Iraq War? No insight into troop deployments, continued committment, likelihood of success, or even endorsement of the misguided Bush policy? Maybe Conrad is waiting for a check to tell him what to think here, but this hardly qualifies as an ‘position’ on the issue.

On Spam:

Spam, or unsolicited commercial e-mail, can undermine e-commerce efficiency and take up excessive amount of server space for Internet Service Providers (Internet Service Providers). What was once an annoyance for ordinary Internet and e-mail users has turned into a potential security risk and a disruption in an economy and way of life dependant upon these modes of communication.

Well, finally, someone said it. Spam is annoying. This is the kind of leadership we need in the Senate–someone with the keen insight to know that constant ads for pornography and online education are less than helpful! It’s not just anyone who sees that clearly.

Taken as a whole, Connie’s position on the issues is more of the same we have come to expect from him. Pandering, vagueness, and platitudes. Given that Conrad works in a building where lobbyists write the bills, maybe this is exactly the kind of leadership on the issues we can expect from the Republicans.

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