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Ha ha…good one…

The Montana Republican Party has no shame.

The Billings Gazette is running a poll on whether or not readers are concerning about the good Senator’s connection to money man Jack Abramoff.  The Montana Republican Party emailed the faithful to say they should go tilt the poll and gave them tips on how to vote multiple times.  It is no surprise that the poll now says that over half of those that voted say they have no worried about the connection.

The tone of the email was the same tone that appears in most of their awful emails: “Please visit the Gazette’s Web site and let Montana know which party has the larger e-mail list…er, I mean let Montana know your opinion.”  Ugh. a message to the Montana Republican Party.  Don’t you know that this makes your man look more guilty? Perhaps your time would be better spend worrying about the deregulation debacle (which, by the way, is your fault) or working on an answer to educational funding or finding a way to make sure that future politicians aren’t swimming in dirty money.

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