Repulsive Right Wingers and Jill Carroll

There are apparently no limits to the repulsiveness of the right wing zealots who support war without end, without morality. This site uses today’s appeal by Jill Carroll’s mother to attack critics of the war and Islamic clerics:

But here words remind me of similar statements by Islamic clerics, Leftist organizations, and Borders sans frontiers all of whom make the same arguement, yet have no personal stake in the outcome of the hostage crisis. Taking Mrs. Carroll’s words as an example of Leftist rhetoric, do you see how the underlying assumption is revealed? The insurgents would not kill Jill Carroll if they understood that she is a journalist on their side. The opposite, then, must be true: if Jill Carroll was a pro-war journalist then the natural course of events would be for the insurgents to kill her.

It’s this kind of obscene exploitation that makes reasonable discourse about the war in this country impossible. If you a critic, you are a traitor; if you ask questions, you are a defeatist, and if you are a mother trying to save your daughter’s life, you are in league with Islamofascism, at least ideologically. Ignore the lip service here about supporting the mother–it’s cover for a brutal ideological attitude that makes it fair game to attack anyone at any time.

I can’t imagine the kind of courage that it must have taken for Jill Carroll to put herself in Iraq, nor the fear and sorrow her family must be feeling now. To politicize and exploit her situation is ugly beyond words.

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