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Some tidbits from Burns on Montana Public Radio

Conrad Burns was featured on Montana Public Radio tonight.  I REALLY would like either a transcript or a copy of the recording.  It is full of tidbits that I find interesting.  Two amusing notes:
First, MPR news director Sally Mauk, a journalist that has a history of quality interviews, pushed Burns on the line between lobbying and a straight-up bribe.  I don’t think Burns gave a clear answer but did say something to the effect that a bribe is when “someone comes up to you and puts money in your pocket to vote a certain way.”  He later made an unclear distinction between that and lobbying, which is giving money to a politician (or a political campaign?) that shares your philosophy.  Burns said his philosophy included supporting “small business.”

Yes, Senator Burns, small business has come out in DROVES to support you.  A look at your contributions for this election cycle (thank you OpenSecrets) suggets that small business like BellSouth Corporation ($29,050), IDT Corporation ($28,000), Bresnan Communications ($22,650) and Sprint Nextel ($15,000) (all these from his top ten contributers) are supporting you to the bitter end.
Second, Mauk asked Burns to comment on the Alito nomination.  Of course, Burns said he hadn’t made up his mind yet but said that “ultra-liberal” (you know, the ULTRA-liberals) were pushing for him to stall the nomination so they could continue their smear campaign.  He mentioned a couple of those ULTRA-liberal groups, like the People for the American Way, and, oddly, the “Human Rights Network.”  Did I hear that correctly?

What is he talking about?  There is no “Human Right Network.”
Is he talking about the “United States Human Rights Network?”  Checking out their webpage, they have no information at all on the Alito nomination.
Is he talking about the “Human Rights Network International?” Nope.  Nothing there.
Is he talking about the more local “Montana Human Rights Network?”  Nope.  A quick call to my inside source (okay, it is my wife, their Development Director) says that isn’t an issue they have worked on.
I am sure that all of those wacky ULTRA-liberals are all the same to Senator Burns but what he said just wasn’t factually correct.
He also repeated all of his talking points about his political troubles.  Yeah, yeah, we know about your “thick hide” and “clear conscience” and about the Democratic conspiracy.

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