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It is time for him to go!

I’ll admit I am surprised…
And it is really, really early…

But Matt (soon to be Helena resident) over at Left in the West is reporting that a Rasmussen tracking poll notes that Jon Tester is dead even with Conrad Burns, and John Morrison is just three points behind Burns in this November’s contest for the US Senate in Montana. I am surprised to see these numbers this early as it took Brian Schweitzer months of hard campaigning to poll close to Burns in the 2000 election.
Burns has also been on the media circuit in Montana claiming that all of this scandal business is part of the vast, left-wing conspiracy against him. He will be on Montana Public Radio tonight where I expect to hear much of the same.
Of course, there is nearly eleven months left and Montana Democrats have been famous for losing elections that were supposedly in the bag.
I also wonder if this poll might suffer from the problems with past public opinion polls. A number of Montana politicians have polled in the past to extract data only to find out that the polls were biased towards urban areas, which tend to run more Democratic.
Even so, there is light!


UPDATE: My mistake!  It wasn’t Matt, it was Lamnidae at Left in the West.

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  • The Rasmussen poll tends to be the most Republican friendly of the lot (or the most balanced in you nuy into the liberal media cannard). If Rasmussen is calling it a dead heat, then I feel pretty comfortable that it is.

    Now, if Matt’s research of the day gets some exposure, we can look forward to Conrad’s numbers dropping another 5-10%.

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