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Burns Blames the Media and Democrats

The Senator for the Saginaw Chippewas says that the reason he is being linked to Jack Abramoff is because his political enemies are working with Montana’s nortoriously liberal press to misrepresent the truth. See, it’s definitely a smear campaign, not the fact that Burns took more money from Jack than any other lawmaker, it’s that people are reporting it. The story in the Missoulian also features Burns’ rebuttal to rumors that he is planning to step down, as Matt Singer mentioned earlier today.

As a public service to readers, we’d thought we’d break down some of the Senator’s quotations:

Burns sez: (the ‘sez’ is because he’s you know, folksy)

“Write it down, real quick: I’ve never had more enthusiasm or higher energy for a campaign in my life than I got right now, OK? End of story,” Burns told the Lee Newspapers State Bureau reporters in an interview. “I never had this much enthusiasm in 1988. Take it to the bank. Make book on it.”

We wonder:

Is it wise for someone under investigation for corruption and bribery charges to sugges that we place an illegal bet on his decision to run in 2008? Is ‘take it to the bank’ a secret code like Scooter Libby’s love letter to Judith Miller?

Burns sez:

The claims are “half-truths and innuendos.”

We wonder:

Which half? Was the Senator bribed or just lying?

Burns sez:“Abramoff was one bad apple in a bushel.”

We wonder:

Perhaps Burns shouldn’t be visited by a bushel of lobbyists. Perhaps he should be working for the interests of Montanans, not corporate interests.

Burns sez:

“Until I am or I am not (charged), what makes it a story? Just your opponents. You take the word of one opponent and you know it’s all a bunch of garbage. It’s not what you throw against the barn door, it’s what sticks.”

We think:

Something certainly smells here. And as Conrad probably knows from his days wandering around feed lots, if something constantly smells like shit, it’s probably full of it. Those flies aren’t circling you for no reason, Connie.
Burns sez:

There’s a lot of things that I don’t know very much about.”

We think:

That might be the first time Burns had told Montana voters the truth in a long time.

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