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Burns feels “pretty good” about the Abramoff “thing”

Posted by Jason

Apparently, Senator Burns is not worried about the growing Abramoff scandal, despite Mr. Abramoff pleading guilty to a variety of charges earlier this week. This AP wire stories quotes Senator Burns as saying he has a “thick hide and a clear conscience” about his record with Abramoff and called the charge “political hooey.”
This is all very interesting in light of Burn’s original answer to the charges. You’ll remember that he originally didn’t remember the votes connected to Abramoff’s lobbying. Suddenly, his dealings were all on the up and up.

I also find this comment telling: ‘‘There’s a hundred lobbyists who walk through that door every week,’’ Burns said. ‘‘If you don’t have a deep-seeded philosophy then you might find yourself getting lost. I vote my philosophy first.’’

Could it be that Burns is on the take from a lot of lobbyists? And I wonder where this deep-seeded philosophy was when he “flip-flopped” on the Abramoff-related vote. Did he vote against the questionable legislation before he voted for it?


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  • I’m glad Burns’ deep-seeded philosophy leads him to oppose extending U.S. labor law to the Marianas even though they get to a use a “Made in the USA” label.

    Also pretty cool that Burns is so pro-education, he fights for grants to tribal schools in Michigan. If only he always supported education.

    Must be a very fractal deep-seeded philosophy.

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