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The IR on Racicot, Part Two

Last week, I criticized the IR for giving a free pass to former Governor Marc Racicot. Today, they wrote a much more balanced pieced, inspired, I assume by Mike Dennison’s piece about Montana energy prices and his great piece about Racicot’s revisionism.
The IR seems to have had a change of heart about Marc Racicot’s take on deregulation.  Last week, in their fluff editorial piece about Racicot’s visit to Montana, the IR just repeated Racicot’s assertion that deregulation was a good idea, one he would do again.

So does the IR deserve credit for running a better editorial today? Sort of. Where were these questions in the interview with Racicot? It’s not like this information was a mystery…anyone who pays to heat their homes knows what the impact of deregulation has been on Montana families and businesses.

It’s great to see that good reporting led to a better editorial. Wouldn’t it serve the IR better, however, to have not written an editorial about ‘a visit’ by an obviously partisan in the first place?

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  • I emailed to thank Mr. Dennison for his fine work. (Although I suspect Mr. Sirota’s kudos will make a greater impression). I did end by raising the same issue you do :
    One point you may wish to share with the IR “Editorial Board”. As you lead in your article, “If you read last weekend’s interview with former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, you can be forgiven for choking on your coffee when you read this statement on utility deregulation:”. I indeed choked on my beverage, but not because Marc Racicot told a bald-faced lie. He has become a partisan shill (“George Bush is going to be remembered as one of our greatest presidents”, etc), and I wasn’t surprised. I and I’m sure many other readers choked because Racicot was offered a forum to speak to IR readership WITHOUT ANY MENTION OF CONTEXT OR HISTORY. Next time, please suggest the editorial board explain that an article such as yours was in preparation. My blood pressure will thank you, and the reputation of the paper as a whole will be enhanced.

  • I took some offense at the article. Not because of it’s content, but because is was an op-ed piece on the front page of the newspaper.

    I found the article to be well written and very informative. But it was not news. It was Mr. Dennison’s editorial.

    Keep the NEWS on the front, and the Editorials on the OP-ED page.

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