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John Gibson Explains Who Was to Blame for the West Virgina Story: You!


Faux’s ‘Meltdown’ John Gibson knows who is to blame for the mistaken impression about the survival of the miners in West Virginia–we dolts who watch the news, not those who report it.

So I’ve got 30 years in this game and let me tell you why you went to bed thinking the miners were alive and woke up to find them dead.

You want your news in raw feeds, fast as they come, uninterrupted by pesky news people actually checking things out. I know this because I do a live feed show. You want the live feeds so much you actually prefer three or four feeds on the screen at once.

It makes sense that John would believe this. It actually seems like Faux viewers do prefer fast, incorrect information…just ask them about those Iraqi hijackers or weapons of mass destruction.

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