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Bill O’Reilly on Letterman Last Night

If you were lucky enough to turn your TV away from last night’s great bowl game between Penn State and Florida State, you may have been lucky enough to see David Letterman really go after Bill O’Reilly. It was an amusing moment when Dave called 60% of what O’Reilly says crap—and good to see someone on a major network give O’Reilly the treatment he so often gives his guests.

The best part? O’Reilly thinks that Letterman is a pretty insightful guy. In 2001, Bill wrote:

The late-night program hosted by David Letterman is the toughest interview show on television.

That’s because Mr. Letterman is a smart guy who can spot a phony with telescopic accuracy and expects his guests to bring something to the table. If a guest begins to sink on this show, the bottom is a long way down.

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  • A couple highlights

    Bill O’ Liely: You have to be careful what you say these days…

    Dave: So do you! (audience cheers)


    Dave: I am just very scared of anyone who does not have the deepest sympathies for that woman. (Cindy Sheehan)

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