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Great Crib Sheet on the Abramoff Scandal

Think Progress has a great summary of the major players involved in the Abramoff scandal.

Senator Burns is listed in a number of key places. In the next few days, there is going to be a concerted effort to spin the Abramoff affair as something that impacts both parties equally, but it’s important that the media be held accountable for buying into Republican spin.

Media Matters illustrates the kind of sloppy reporting that analysis that make this scandal seem bipartisan:

Appearing on the December 16 edition of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Kornblut falsely claimed that Abramoff had given contributions to Democrats. Yet a Media Matters for America search of the Center for Responsive Politics database of campaign contributions did not find any contributions from Abramoff to Democrats or Democratic leadership political action committees.

Although Kornblut amended her statement to claim that Abramoff “had his clients donate to Democrats,” her comment falsely suggests that Republicans and Democrats are equally enmeshed in the scandal surrounding Abramoff. In fact, while Democrats have received contributions from Abramoff’s lobbying groups and his clients, Kornblut’s statement ignores the difference between accepting contributions from groups linked to Abramoff, which is legal and proper, and taking contributions in exchange for official actions, which is illegal, and which is at the heart of the ongoing investigations.

Hmm…reminds me of an editorial I read recently.

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