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I am always amazed at those that complain about the federal deficit at the same time they are approving an incredibly expensive war and spending for special interests. It seems that this year’s budget is no exception. There is an interested read at the Christian Science Monitor about the final budget passed this year due to the single extra voted provided by the Vice President.

Among the insights in the article is an interesting analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities which notes that “Cuts to low-income programs could have been averted in large part or entirely – and the same amount of savings still achieved – if [lawmakers] had done more to tackle certain special interests.” Of course, there is no talking of taking on those interests because we are busy battling those awful, greedy students and their wasteful student loan program.

Where is the talk of defense spending? What about the War? What about the huge contracts that the government is giving to wasteful defense contractors?

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  • And then there are the Katrina contracts…

    The proximity of the passage of these budget cuts and the passage of the tax cuts for the rich is something Democratic congressional candidates need to be mentioning over and over in ’06. Congress cuts areas of the budget that help the poor, decreases taxes on the rich, and doesn’t even end up reducing the defecit.

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