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Karl Ohs and Ethics

Karl Ohs is OUTRAGED.

According to an AP report, Ohs is upset about a $900 fundraising violation by Max Baucus in 2001. Ohs says:

“What Baucus did with the Abramoff skybox contribution is illegal, unethical and is a prime example of why we need tougher campaign finance laws,” said Karl Ohs, chairman of the Montana Republican Party.

1) The money was not from Abramhoff, but an associate. Is lying ethical, Karl? 2) The amount of money involved pales in comparison to the amount received by Rehberhg and Burns. Are they acting illegally, or just unethically?
3) Still no calls for an investigation in Burns votes being bought? Is hypocrisy ethical?

Look, I am no defender of Max Baucus…and I think he spends his time at the corporate teat just as much as the others, but in this case, there is no comparison. It’s sad that the best Republicans can do to answer these charges is to whip up some of their own. Of course, when you are caught lying, perhaps that is all one can do.

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  • Couple things. First, understood it to be in the neighborhood of $1800, which was illegal because (1) it was unreported and (2) it was by far in excess of the $1,000 individual contribution limit that existed at the time.

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