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David Sirota pointed out this morning the exciting hard news exchange between Katie Couric and Tim Russert about domestic spying.

NBC continued this hard-hitting, balanced reporting this evening with an interview between Condoleeza Rice and Andrea Mitchell. It was unbelievable. Mitchell kept lobbing up softballs to Rice, who seemed incapable of doing anything other than parroting tired old cliches about 9/11 and absurd lies about Iraq.

One example illustrated just how soft this interview was. When asked if she had any regrets about her pre-war statements, Rice repeated the party line on weapons of mass destruction, threat to the region, etc. Not an answer. Then Mitchell asked about Iran–which Rice characterized as ‘seeking weapons of mass destruction’, ‘dangerous’, and a ‘real threat.’

So…where was the followup question asking what made Iraq different from Iran? Sadly missing, because Mitchell had to work in football predictions.

I don’t agree with Sirota’s assessement that these are examples of “state-run propaganda machine.” At least the Soviet people and journalists knew it was propaganda. In American, they think it’s hardball.

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