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Michelle Malkin on Feminism

Michelle Malkin has an interesting take on the role of marriages. Criticizing the selection of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates for Time Persons of the Year (along with Bono), she writes:

And, sorry, but Melinda Gates? She marries the software mogul after he has done his greatest work…and that makes her a co-person of the year?)

That’s an interesting and uninformed point of view. Melinda Gates, as married people often do, worked with her husband to create a foundation that has done a great deal of good. Why in the world does her marital status undermine that?

It’s also an interesting point of view for Malkin to take personally, given her anger at being accused of having her work ghostwritten by her husband.
One might suggest that Malkin consider the hypocrisy of this point of view, hoping for a reasonable response.


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  • Michelle Malkin is one of those people Republicans like to hide in the corner of the room, hoping no one notices her. She’s the person who cites the wild west or 1930s Chicago as examples of successful societies without any form of gun control in a casual conversation about the second amendment…you know, the Republican Molly Ivins.

  • Clark, I understand your urge to paint Ms. Malkin as unimportant … insignificant … no one agrees with “her”, but that’s just malarky and you know it. She just came in third in the Wizbang weblog awards. She is a frequent guest/guest host on one of cable TV’s best watched talking-head shows (the O’reilly factor … maybe you’ve heard of it?) Zell Miller, a Democrat, wanted to challenge Chris Mathews to a duel because Chris had been so mean to “that poor girl”.

    Clark, you’re smarter than that so can the crap. Malkin isn’t hidden in a corner, she’s front and center mainstream Republican voice. Here’s a thought, though. Maybe, because she’s the face of conservatism/Republicanism, the ideals of conservatism itself are so far towards the extreme right that anything left of Drudge just appears as radical.

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