The End of the Road for Miers?

The Washington Times is reporting this morning that the White House has begun “making contigency plans” for removing Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court.

“White House senior staff are starting to ask outside people, saying, ‘We’re not discussing pulling out her nomination, but if we were to, do you have any advice as to how we should do it?’

I still think this is a real dilemma for liberals. My sense is that Miers is not qualified for the Supreme Court, as her interviews with Senators and her questionaire answers seem to indicate. Yet, isn’t Bush likely to appoint someone with more solid credentials as a judge and conservative if he loses this nomination? As weak as Bush seems to be politically, the GOP still controls the Senate…and will likely confirm another rightist judges like John Roberts.

One thing does seem clear, though. For all the talk about loyalty, it sure seems to be a one way street with ol’ George. What kind of close friend nominates someone to a position she is eminently unqualified for–and then withdraws her name because it makes him look bad?

We’ll see how loyal Bush is to his brain next week, I suspect.

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