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Quite a week in politics…

Certainly Delay’s issues should be dominating headlines, but the other news in town was the apparent ethics violation by Senate Majority Leader Frist. It seems that the term “blind trust” means both trust AND blind. My favorite here is that face that Senator Frist is attempting to claim that he was being MORE ethical by dumping the stock. Jor Conason’s commentary in the New York Observer is a good, quick read.

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  • An interesting article came to my attention that argues that the last ten years has been the single most corrupt decade in the long history of the House of Representatives. The article also contends that the stripping of the power of the leaders of the House will do nothing to shake the links between big corporate lobbying and the “people’s house”.

  • I am reminded of the ‘sea change’ that swept the Democrats out of power in the first place. Of course, in their case, the institutional corruption took almost 40 years.

    Republicans are at least fast.

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