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General Hoar: Wrong War at the Wrong Time…

a stunning indictment of an Administration that is incompetently managing a war that should never have been fought

American Progress hosted a press discussion with Joseph Hoar, head of the US Central Command after the first Iraq War. His assessment of the Bush Administration’s failures in Iraq is a stunning indictment of an Administration that is incompetently managing a war that should never have been fought:

I can’t begin without once more saying that this was the wrong war at the wrong time fought with incredible incompetence on the part of the civilian leadership. And despite this, that our armed forces continue to serve with courage and determination and in many cases great personal sacrifice.

I think for me it’s important to say that, up front, this thing was wrong from the beginning, and so as is often the case, it’s very hard to make it right once you start down the wrong road. I’m not at all optimistic about the outcome. I think part of the reason is that our leadership – civilian leadership has got it wrong.

Well, the problem always is that when you start out on the premise that you’re going to war for weapons of mass destruction and the linkage between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, which were completely false, it’s very difficult to carry this thing forward in a way that makes sense to the American people.
Now, the Congress and the press gave these people a bye, and it has now become clear to the American public that this thing was flawed right from the start.

And indicated that the Army is going to be facing a train wreck here next year when the Reserves and the National Guard guys have all got to go home. And so I suspect, having been in the recruiting business, that the pressure to make numbers in the Army to get the people into those organizations must be huge. And I don’t know how we’re going to do it.

Read the passage about Fallujah (too long to quote) if you want to understand the cynicism of this Administration–and its absolute inability to understand the sensibilities of the Muslim world.

Credit: Think Progress

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