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Even more fun with Matt Drudge…

Okay, I don’t want to make a regular feature of this, but I was a little fired up clicking on Matt Drudge this evening. I am assuming you have seen the picture of Bush at the UN conference asking for a bathroom break. I don’t blame the man for that but it was amusing.

Drudge, apparently trying to prove that the liberal media is out to get Bush for drinking one too many cups of coffee in the world leader hospitality room runs this headline:

REUTERS has acknowledged Bush ‘Potty Note’ photo was enhanced via Photoshop…

I read this headline and I think “THEY MADE IT UP!” And then reading the article, of course, they “enhanced it” using a common Photoshop feature that allows you to tweak the lighting, much like old school photographers might have under- or over-exposed a photograph in the dark room! Those crazy liberal techies…always out to get the Commander-in-Chief!

Of course, Matt is more subtle than Little Green Footballs, a blog that I read only to feel outraged or superior, depending on my mood. They think there is some conspiracy here, and going as far as calling Reuters “Al-Reuters” (get it….they are calling them Al-Jazeera…they are SO clever!…ugh). That is about as funny to me as making some crack about the French, which I am sure they would find amusing.

Newsflash: If someone wanted to mock Bush, there are bigger fish to fry than this silly note. Katrina? Iraq? Those are just the start.

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